Without hesitation I can say the quality leads generated for Divine Flooring from the Calgary Renovation Show were well worth the investment. Having a defined target audience attending all three days paid dividends and we've already renewed our space for 2018!

-Serge Chopin, Divine Flooring
The Pro-jekts team had an absolute blast at the 2017 Calgary Renovation Show! We couldn't have been happier with the turnout and everyone from Marketplace Events were great to deal with. The show was packed each and every day, giving us the ability to interact with a ton of new customers. We will definitely be returning to this show next year and for many years to come!

-Robert Carpenter & Jordan Blore, Pro-jekts
This year's Renovation Show was a great success for Canyon Plumbing & Heating. It had a great small show feel and a ton of traffic... any time a company advertises as much as Marketplace Events does it's apparent. Billboards, radio, email, internet. This benefits Canyon in many ways. We met a lot of great new potential customers plus we get to see many of our existing customers stopping by and saying "hi" and "thank you." Canyon is a 40 year old family business in Calgary and these shows are a must for continued success in southern Alberta. Looking forward to many more shows with Marketplace Events. See you all soon... Canyon plumbing HERE FOR YOU!

-Chad Laprairie, Canyon Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning