JodiheadshotJodi Vereschagin
Exhibit Sales Consultant
Companies A - F

Phone: 403-253-1177 ext: 208
Toll Free: 866-941-0673 ext: 208
In the Biz: 3 Years

Bio: Jodi sells booth space for the Calgary Home + Garden Show, Calgary Fall Home Show and Calgary Renovation Show. Prior to joining Marketplace Events Jodi spent 4 years as an Inside Sales Rep for a Plastics Distribution Company. She has extensive experience in sales, retail management and customer service. She is proud to be the President of an non- profit organization which helps to build school playgrounds. 

Exhibitor Tip: 
You have one opportunity to make a positive first impression. So, make sure the visual impact of your booth represents you and your company. Your booth should be bright, open and welcoming to your target audience. Make sure to always greet your audience with a welcoming attitude as this will go a long way in helping build your business successfully. 

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crystalheadshot_web-smCRYSTAL ZEEMEL
COMPANIES G - O and #'s

Phone:       403.253.1177 ext: 211
Toll Free:   866.941.0673 ext: 211
In the Biz: Newbie

Bio: Crystal sells booth space and sponsorship for the Calgary Home Shows.  Prior to joining Marketplace events Crystal worked in the Hospitality Industry for 15 years.  Here she used her customer service, sales and management background as a Front Desk Manager, Sales Manager and a General Manager at local hotels.  She has worked casually for Marketplace Events as a Volunteer Coordinator for the Calgary Home Shows; fell in love with events and became very passionate about home shows and how they can help businesses.  Crystal has an extensive background in Customer Service and is a welcome addition to the Calgary team!

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Jayme SanderJayme Sander
Exhibit Sales Consultant
Companies P - Z

Phone: 403.253.1177 ext 206
In the Biz: Newbie

Bio: Jayme currently sells booth space for the Calgary Home + Garden Show, the Calgary Fall Home Show, and the Calgary Renovation Show. Jayme graduated from Marketing at Mount Royal University in April 2018 and has lots of experience in customer service in the retail, service, and travel & tourism industries. She has also worked with Marketplace Events in the past by volunteering and helping in the Show Office during the events. 

Exhibitor Tip: Create an inviting space in your booth! Keep it clean, don’t block off the front, and create an incentive for consumers to visit your booth. With unique displays and interactive components, they will be more intrigued to ask you questions about what your business has to offer.  

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Micheline Picot, Exhibitor Marketing & Sales Coordinator

Micheline Picot
Show Manager

Phone: 403.253.1177 ext 205
Toll Free: 866.941.0673 ext 205
In the Biz: 10 years

Bio: Micheline Picot is the Show Manager for the Calgary Fall Home Show, Calgary Renovation Show and Calgary Home + Garden Show.  Previous to this she was the Operations Manager and responsible for coordinating and executing several features at each show such as the Home and Garden Stage.  Prior to joining the Marketplace Events team, Micheline spent her time in the land development industry after earning her History degree in the east coast.

Design Tip:  Don't forget to create contrast! Keep your interiors from looking dull by using contrast in a  variety of ways, such as with colour. texture and lighting.  

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Amy Archdekin

Phone: 403.253.1177 ext 214
Toll Free: 866.941.0673 ext 214
In the Biz: 4 years

Marie YoungMarie Young
Operations | Show Administrator

Phone: 403.253.1177 ext 201
Toll Free: 866.941.0673 ext 201
In the Biz: 2 years

Bio: Marie fills the role of Operations/Show Administrator.  Prior to joining the Marketplace Events team she helped produce one of the largest trade shows in North America, the Global Petroleum Show.  In her spare time you might find Marie sitting at her piano, singing at events or planning parties. Marie has an extensive background in the Administrative and bookkeeping fields and is a welcome addition to the Calgary Team.  

Exhibitor Tip: SMILE!  Smiling means that you are approachable.  No one will pursue a conversation with you if you look uninvolved and if you are not enjoying yourself.

MartinHeadshotMartin Egli
Regional Sales Director

Phone: 403.253.1177 ext 233
Toll Free: 866.941.0673 ext 233
In the Biz: 10 years

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Casey Matulic, Exhibit Sales Consultant

Casey Matulic
Sr. Exhibit Sales Consultant
Currently on Maternity Leave

In the Biz: 8 years

Bio: Casey sells booth space for the Calgary Home + Garden Show, Calgary Renovation Show and the Calgary Fall Home Show.  Prior to joining Marketplace Events Casey has worked for a non-profit organization as well as spent over 5 year working in the events/hospitality industry.  Casey received her post graduate certification in Events Management and Diploma In Sales & Marketing in Ontario.

Exhibitor Tip: The visual impact of your booth and signage are possibly the most important aspects of any trade show display. A general rule of thumb for signage? When someone looks at your display, they should be able to tell within four seconds who you are, what you do, and what problem you are solving.

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